Project Experience

Gladstone, MO
Source water, process performance, distribution system problems
Main breakage, pressure, surge, distribution system model
Vulnerability assessment & emergency response plan update; IDSE
Ammonium Ion and Total Organic Carbon in Gladstone well waters
Water Sustainability Master Plan, Treatment Process Evaluations
Report on ways to reduce Carbon Footprint
Engineering Review of Lime Softening Residual Disposal options

Kearney, MO
Pitting corrosion of copper household plumbing

Red Bud, IL
Evaluation of Water Quality, Treatment and Disinfectant Residual Persistence

Henry County, IL  Rustic Acres
Evaluation of Iron and Arsenic removal processes

St. Peters, MO
Lime system caking and filter plugging problems
Engineering design of  induced draft aerators

Bardstown, KY
Compliance with Disinfection Byproducts Rule

Cameron, MO
Watershed and lake management study: atrazine, nitrates
Evaluation of alternatives for Disinfectants/DBP Rule Compliance
Microscopic Examination of Primary Settling Tank Effluent
Development of Photovoltaic Net Metering Policies and Procedures

Bloomington, IL
Direct microscopic count for treatment process evaluations.
Seasonal variations in source water quality
Water treatment plant particle removal efficiency
Particle counting; backwash; filter flow ramping protocol
TOC removal, seasonal effects on lime softening
Acidification protocol for turbidity exceedances
On-site operator training
Illinois EPA preparation and presentation
Evaluation of filter media condition, GAC replacement
Microscopy for process control: live/dead staining; Intel QX3+
Operations manual; Visitation-Day planning and programming
In-house operator training: softening and lime overfeed
Acidification: presentation at IPWSOA Conference
Clarifier performance study; sludge, grit removal protocol
Evaluation of Monty’s Llama (recirculating lime slurry degritter)
Evaluation of alternate sources of GAC
Development of plant operations manual
Taste-and-odor control alternatives
UV-peroxide oxidation of odor-producing compounds

Associated Electric Cooperative, Thomas Hill Power Plant
Control of Disinfection By-Products
Design and implementation of ammonia feed system
Design and Installation of Air-Assisted Filter Backwash

Kansas City, MO
Historical evaluation of Saturation Index (SI) and Calcium Carbonate Precipitation Potential (CCPP)

Little Rock, AR
Water quality deterioration during distribution; chlorine residuals
Pilot-plant study of trihalomethane and haloacetic acid reduction

Branson, MO
Evaluation of new water sources and treatment requirements

St. Joseph, MO
Water treatment plant softening sludge disposal

Washington, IL
Control of water quality deterioration; removal of ammonium ion

Willmar, MN
Copper corrosion control
Removal of ammonium ion to control water quality deterioration
Effectiveness of sodium chlorite in controlling nitrification

Caterpillar Corporation Morton, IL
Control of microbial growths in warehouse distribution system

Festus, MO
Microbial quality of proposed quarry water source

Chicago, IL
Assessment of in-plant removal of PAC added for T&O control

Clinton, MO
Evaluation of PAC treatment for trihalomethane reduction
Removal of Organic Matter from Sparrowfoot Quarry water

Premium Standard Farms Princeton, MO
Impact of hog waste disposal on macroinvertebrates in north-central Missouri streams

Normal, IL
Loss of residuals, water quality deterioration during distribution
Presence of and removal of methane from well waters

Morton, IL
Aeration for the removal of methane in groundwater
T&O complaints, loss of chloramine residuals during distribution
Control of nitrification in greensand pressure filters

Stillwater, OK  Oklahoma State University
Nitrification and loss of distribution system residual

Milan, MO
Monitoring and control of trihalomethanes
Chlorine gas safety evaluation

East Peoria, IL
Cementation of filter media, loss of filtration capacity

Hartsburg, MO
Upgrading of wastewater lagoon

Leadwood, MO
Water treatment plant modifications for removal of radium and gross alpha particles
Engineering Reports for Water and Wastewater Systems
Wastewater equalization basin design
Wastewater Capacity Upgrade

Greenville, IL
Taste-and-odor complaints, treatment process upgrade
Lake water destratification system design and installation

Kirksville, MO
Remediation of turbidity caused by post-precipitation
Evaluation of alternatives to TOC reduction requirements, SUVA

PWSD #9, Boone County, MO 
Alternatives for control of radium and gross alpha

Monroe City, MO
Control of disinfection by-products; ammonia requirements

Callaway County, MO  #2 Water District
Iron bacteria in wells, red water complaints

State of Missouri  Dept of Corrections
Evaluation of water and sewer rates for Correctional Center

Columbia,  MO
Effect of wetlands on water quality and quantity in Columbia’s McBaine Bottoms wellfield

Cass County, MO  PWSD #7
Evaluation of causes of clogged household plumbing fixtures

Greenville, IL
Design, installation & optimization of lake water intake destratifiers;
UV-fluorescence microscopy; lake water monitoring

Callaway County, MO  PWSD #2
Discolored distribution system water; iron bacteria in well water

RAM Group, Inc.  Marshall, MO
Organoclay and GAC to treat petroleum-contaminated water

Boone County, MO  PWSD #9
Removal of Radionuclides from well water; pilot plant studies;
Treatment process design for radium removal by HMO adsorption

Lexington, MO
Compliance with Disinfection By-Products regulations

Farmington, MO
Water System Vulnerability Assessment and Emergency Response Plan

Barnett, MO
Waste Discharge Permit

Little Falls, MN
Control of Nitrification in Water Distribution System

Sauget, IL  American Bottoms WWTP
Evaluation of Metals Removal by Industrial Waste P-Chem Plant
Modification of flocculation process to minimizes floc breakup
Evaluation of nitrification during P-Chem treatment