H2O’C Engineering provides engineering analysis, reports, design, permitting, project management, troubleshooting, and optimization of water and energy systems.  Especially solar systems.

Top Ten Things to Know About Solar Systems


book coverOur professional engineering staff consists of Dr. John O’Connor, PE, and Tom O’Connor, PE, who literally wrote the book on Water Treatment  (Wiley and Sons, 2009).  

John O’Connor spent many years as the chairman of Civil Engineering at the University of Missouri-Columbia where he taught many of the engineers practicing in Missouri today.

Decades of dedicated, honest work have earned us an excellent professional reputation and strong relationships throughout the utility industry.

We are a fully-independent engineering firm, concerned only with the needs of our clients.  We don’t advocate any particular product, equipment, or process.  Our depth of knowledge and focused expertise allow us to analyze situations quickly, yet thoroughly — promptly arriving at efficient, effective solutions that save our clients time and money.

At all times, we strive to keep everything as simple and straightforward as possible, and we are always happy to dispense advice or share ideas to quickly and definitively resolve issues, rather than drift into major undertakings that may not be completely necessary.

We encourage you to review our Water & Energy Library where we freely share many educational slide shows and examples of our work.

Thank you for your interest and we hope to earn the honor of working with you.

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