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About H2O’C Engineering

Established in 1993, H2O’C is an engineering firm that specializes in municipal water and wastewater treatment.

International Leadership in Water Treatment Technology

H2O’C engineers are recognized as international leaders in the field of water quality engineering having published award-winning articles in the world’s most prestigious environmental science and engineering journals.

Dr. John T. O’Connor

Tom O’Connor, PE

Examples of some these publications can be found in the H2O’C Technical Library.

Water Chemistry and Microbiology

H2O’C engineering staff have special knowledge in the areas of water chemistry and microbiology.  Accordingly, H2O’C maintains specialized laboratory facilities.

This enables us to conduct pilot plant treatment studies to assess the effectiveness of emerging treatment technologies. This is often done directly at client’s sites under actual field treatment conditions. The utilization of our independent analytical capability is reflected in the breadth of data provided in our comprehensive engineering reports.

Special Problems: Pilot Studies

As acknowledged leaders in their field, H2O’C is called upon to address the most difficult problems confronting water and wastewater utilities, often serving as specialty consultants to larger consulting firms. New, original and more economic solutions often arise from this scientific approach.

Water and Wastewater Operator TrainingOper Train

In addition to receiving numerous invitations to make technical presentations at water and wastewater conferences, H2O’C engineers routinely conduct training for water and wastewater utility managers, operators and engineers.

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