H2O'C Engineering


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H2O'C Projects 1 H2O'C projects (Slide Show - 7 MB)  

H2O'C Projects 2 more H2O'C projects (Slide Show - 7.3 MB)

Energy Conservation - Residential Electricity 
Household Electric Energy Usage, 2010 (7.6 MB)


Source Water Protection

Source Water Protection 2010 (8MB pdf)



Pit Happens: Copper Corrosion in Household Plumbing

corrosion illustrationPit Happens   (Slide Show - 4 MB)


Pit Happens-Part One (pdf - 5 MB)


Pit Happens-Part Two (pdf - 1 MB)



Water Quality Deterioration During Distribution

Water Quality illustrationPart 1: Recognition of the Role of Microorganisms


Part 2: Microbial Process in Distribution Mains


Part 3: Microbiologically-Mediated Deterioration in Groundwater Supplies


Part 4: Microbiologically-Mediated Deterioration in Surface Water Supplies



Water Quality Deterioration During Distribution

TOC and THM of 101 Missouri Drinking Water Supplies: A 1980 and 1989 Comparison

lagoon illustrationTOC of Missouri Drinking Water Supplies









Willmar, Minnesota - Copper Corrosion, Chloramine, and the Effect of Nitrification

copper corrosion illustration

Control of Nitrification

Part 1. Search for Alternatives

Part 2. Nitrification

Part 3. Pilot Studies

DBP Control - Little Rock, Arkansas

filter illustrationControl of Microbial Quality, ASCE Natl. Conf. on Envir. Engr., 1994

Treatment Plant Evaluations and Pilot Plant Studies at Little Rock, 1996 

Zinc in Natural Waters

  stream sampling illustrationEvaluation of Procedures for the Determination of Zinc, AWWA, 1963


  Zinc Concentrations in Rivers of the Chesapeake Bay, AWWA, 1964


  Soluble-Adsorbed Zinc Equilibrium in Natural Waters, AWWA, 1964


Field Disinfection of Canteen Waters - Globaline, Halazone

  Small Quantity Field Disinfection, AWWA, 1970


Water Conservation - The Conservative Approach to Energy Resources Development

  Energy Issues and Perspectives, University of Missouri-Columbia, Nov. 3, 1975



The Value of Life

Top Ten Things Real Americans Enjoyed Most about U.S. Television Reporting of the War of Liberation of Iraq

Inside the Box - The Metamorphosis of Americans into Hot House Plants

Memorial Day

When I Die

Science, Faith and O'Connorism

Energy for the Future - O’Connor’s BioBeef

Anthropogenic Global Warming